Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses

If you’re ready to commit to learning to lift properly, and getting stronger, the next step is to enroll in our Foundation Courses:

  1. Foundations to Strength & Power
  2. Foundations to Olympic Weightlifting
Foundations to Strength & Power

This course is for people who have zero experience with barbell and/or strength training. We suggest that if you are starting brand new, you should start with this fundamental course. You will also learn how to warm up and cool down properly, trunk training and stabilization movements and barbell safety. You will learn theory and technical practice of the Squat, the Deadlift, Pulling exercises, and the Press. You will also learn a full day of Olympic Weightlifting technique. This course will teach you more in 6 short classes than most gym goers learn in their entire lives. Each class will have only one to three participants.

  • Day 1 – Squat
  • Day 2 – Pull
  • Day 3 – Deadlift
  • Day 4 – Press
  • Day 5 – Olympic Weightlifting Technique
  • Day 6 – Full Training in class (all movements learned so far)
Foundations to Olympic Weightlifting

Our Olympic Weightlifting course is a 6 class course that is perfect for beginners. It’s a small group class (one to three participants only) structured to take you through all the basic movements of weightlifting. You will learn safe and proper technique, become more knowledgeable about weightlifting, and experience what a normal training session is like!

  • Day 1 – Snatch (part 1)
  • Day 2 – Snatch recap; Clean (part 1)
  • Day 3 – The Jerk (part 1); Snatch (part 2)
  • Day 4 – The Jerk (part 2); Clean (part 2); assistance movements
  • Day 5 – Assistance and Combination Exercises
  • Day 6 – First Olympic Weightlifting class

Complete our Fundamentals Program.

Starting at $150/month

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