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In a previous post, I discussed “What is a Barbell Club?“. Go there and read that one first, then come back here. Now, I’d like to discuss the 5 Benefits of Joining a Barbell Club

Affordable way to Learn

One-on-one personal training in Hong Kong ranges from HK$600 – 2,500+ per hour. This is no exaggeration. Personal training is a fantastic option if you can afford it. You learn a lot. However, you will do just fine in a small group setting under a coach who is competent, passionate, and qualified. Many fitness-related memberships, equipment, and clothing in Hong Kong are very expensive, so joining a barbell club is the best affordable option.

We have flexible memberships that won’t lock you in for life with expensive fees. Photo credit: http://thisgirlabroad.com/

Let’s break it down even further. Let’s say you join Hong Kong Weightlifting and pay HK$2,200/month for our unlimited plan. You average 4 classes per week and attend 1 monthly community event/competition for a couple of hours. That’s roughly 18 hours of engagement or HK$122.2 PER HOUR. Where in Hong Kong can you get coached in Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Power, and community events for HK$122.2/hour?

Let’s say you go out to a decent dinner with a friend or a significant other. Appetizers, mains, and desserts – HK$400. Add drinks! – HK$200. Let’s even say you enjoy the experience over 2 hours, so we’ll call this evening HK$300/hour.

Finally, somewhere to slam bars!

Finally! I can drop weights (or slam bars) and nobody will look at me like I’m a nuisance. Firstly, dropping the weights is a safety feature, it’s literally the reason rubber plates were invented. So if you’re getting expelled from your gym because you keep dropping weights, it may be time to join a barbell club.

We have the best equipment, facility, and community for Weightlifting in all of Hong Kong. Come lift with us!

Competent, passionate, and qualified coaches

Only crazy passionate coaches would start a barbell club. This is not a cash cow for coaches, it’s an opportunity to teach others about Weightlifting. I wish good health and peace to anyone who dares to start a barbell club. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. 

Where in Hong Kong can you get coached in Olympic Weightlifting, strength and power, and with a community for HK$122/hour?

A competent, passionate, and qualified coach is difficult to come by. It takes much time, many mistakes, and obsessive focus to be great at anything, and this includes coaching. Great coaches have many great qualities and characteristics, I’ll tell you more about those in another post.

Never Lift Alone Again

Thou shall not hoist alone. -Gainz, Book 1: Verse 1

Barbell clubs share similarities with both group fitness and personal training. For example, in a barbell club, you will train with a small group of like-minded individuals. The group is more dedicated than group fitness goers because barbell club members don’t hop around from gym to gym looking for the new fad – they stick with the club for many years.

I love getting a good group of lifters who have great chemistry. They keep each other accountable, they become more than teammates, and they make lifting fun! A barbell club can have all the fancy equipment, the best coaches, and facilities, but if the people suck, then you’re not going to enjoy your experience and your improvement will be stagnant.

Try a few different gyms before you ultimately decide. You need to consider the people, the location, the price, and the atmosphere are right for you before you decide. We offer a free trial to all first-timers, so you can come try we have to offer whenever you are ready.

Now What?

If you’re anxious to start weightlifting, let us guide you on a safe and successful Weightlifting journey. At Hong Kong Weightlifting, we offer an Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting course that is specifically tailored to taking beginners through the foundational movements. We also offer regular Barbell Club, Technique classes, and Strength & Power classes. Our core focus is Olympic Weightlifting, however, we train beginners and athletes from all experience levels. Come lift with us!

If you know someone who could benefit from these training tips, please share with them!