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Header photo by Cliff Lee

What is a Barbell Club?

A barbell club is a community that trains together for the purpose of becoming better at the disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting and/or Powerlifting. Typically the community has a set number of training days throughout the week, and the goal, for most, is to compete in local, regional, national, and international competitions.

We have the best equipment and 5 platforms! So much space for Weightlifting!

Coach to Student ratio: The lower, the better – ours is 1:4

Some barbell clubs run loosely without a coach, athletes can show up when they want to train and follow whatever program what they want and do what they want. This casual barbell club will never grow to its full potential for several reasons:

  1. No knowledgeable coach(es)
  2. No commitment or team camaraderie
  3. No long-term athletic development plan
  4. No structured training programs
  5. No goals to achieve as a team and individually
  6. Not a sustainable method for evolving and growing over time

A properly structured barbell club should have 6 things:

photo by Kei Tam 

  1. A qualified, knowledgeable, and passionate-dedicated coach(es)
  2. A dedicated space that’s conducive to training and quality equipment (platforms, barbells and bumper plates)
  3. A positive and inclusive environment for lifters with diverse differences to come together and grow stronger
  4. Team and individual training plans, programs, and options for all types of lifters
  5. Community showcase and engagement (competitions and social events)
  6. Affordable membership*

*This can be difficult to decipher, I suggest looking at a few factors to determine the value you’re getting:

  • Coach to Student ratio: The lower, the better – ours is 1:4.
  • The frequency of training and the amount of time allotted for training: At least 3 days a week minimum, and 1-2 two hours per day is substantial.
  • Quality equipment: Mentioned above, but can’t be stressed enough. If the equipment sucks, so will your lifting. The standard is at least 1 male and 1 female IWF Certified barbell and bumper plate set.

Did you know…

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